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Chuck Mellon's speaking engagements are invariably sold out, in venues all over the world. The Wealth Mastery audiences are in the thousands, but Chuck also gives seminars to smaller, more select groups. Check the Seminars page to see where he's been recently and where he'll be soon. The following comments are representative of those often voiced by people after attending one of Chuck's presentations.

"I'm so excited, I want to hear it all AGAIN!"

- A. Chen, Sony Corporation

"I keep coming back for more and more!"

- Doug Kelly, United Airlines

"Chuck is outstanding, I can't wait to hear him again,"

- J. Garner, Microsoft Corp.

"We (the audience) just can't seem to get enough of you!"

- T. Grice, Robert Half Int'l.

Chuck Urging his audience

I made a commitment to myself many years ago that I would never be poor again

"Chuck's one of the greatest speakers (and teachers) I've ever heard."

- L. Franklin, Presidential Securities

"Great job, Chuck!"

- G. Boretz, Tri Star Ventures

"First class speaker."

- P. Ashe, First American Companies, Inc.

"I learn more every time Chuck says something."

- Dr. W. Toth, Chicago

"You do a SUPER job!"

- E. Simpson, Alain Pinel Realtors

"Chuck is a great motivator!"

- Sylvie Forme, Attorney, London

"Chuck always does an outstanding job! We look forward to having him back next year!"

- M. Burnett, Sales Pusuit, Sidney, Australia

"You have REAL power to influence!"

- B. Turner, Turner Gaming Corp.

"Chuck, you'll be my motivating force from now on!"

- A. Arnot, Author, Sydney Australia


Chuck wows the audience

"Chuck has helped make a big difference in my life."

- J. Martin, I.B.M.

"Chuck is outstanding and wonderful in every respect"

- J. Gresser, Author, Harvard Law School

"I enjoyed everything you had to say."

- B. Heinicke, American Airlines

"Your talk is outstanding. Your book, too!"

- J. Torres, Perry Ellis Corporation

"Your techniques are awesome!"

- J. Hadden, Intelisys

"You do a super job, Chuck!"

- R. de Salvo, Coldwell Banker

"What you said really 'hit home' for me!"

- M. Sheehan, Life Safety Corp.

"Chuck is PHENOMENAL!"

- C. Reiner, Emnet Management Systems, Inc

"Chuck's professionalism and depth of knowledge is unsurpassed."

- D. Evans, First Wall Street Corp.

Chuck enthusing the audience

"You really connect with the audience!"

- D. Pott, Canyon Custom Homes

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