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One of the World's Premier Portfolio Investment Experts

Known throughout the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, Chuck is a much sought-after investment advisor and counselor. Chuck's clients rank among the top 1 percent of the nation's wealthiest individuals, businesses, and organizations. He is a dynamic and exciting speaker who has shared the platform with the likes of Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and General Norman Schwarzkopf, and his appearances throughout the year are always attended by packed, sell-out audiences.

A millionaire before age 30

Chuck began his writing and speaking career after some 18 years in the investment business as a stockbroker, senior manager, Corporate Vice President and Senior Advisor with some of the most prestigious names and largest companies on Wall Street. He has been an advisor and portfolio manager to many wealthy individuals, pension plans, municipal governments and large institutions in the US. When he retired from the securities industry in 1993, he was a Principle of both the N.Y.S.E. and the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE).

Still very much an active investor himself, Chuck resides most of the year in Thailand, but vacations frequently in many diverse parts of the globe.

Tens of Thousands of People Already Know

Chuck Mellon has real answers to many of today's crucial and pressing market challenges. "Some of the best investment returns stem from the correct application of the simplest principles," reveals Chuck.

If you're one of the lucky folk who've attended his seminars and heard Chuck speak live you'll understand how compelling he is and how he empowers and enthuses you to profit in the stock market. His techniques range from the simplicity of "Channeling" to the sophisticated and powerful Options strategies, yet Chuck makes them easy to master. His products are only available through this site, so take a look at the product page, listen to the sample audio clips and resolve to be pro-active with your financial future!

Chuck Mellon

It is not from our successes that we ;earn our lessons in this life, but from our failures

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