The Secrets Of Successful Investing
In Any Market
by Charles E. Mellon
248 pages. Paperback

Table of Contents

1. Creating Wealth

Section I: Foundations of Successful Investing
2. What's Your Risk Tolerance?
3. Profitable Portfolio Management
4. Diversification Essentials
5. Rules for Investment Success
6. Mutual Funds
7. Treasuries and Zero Coupon Bonds

Section II: Stocks: The Basics
8. What to Look for in Stocks
9. Value Investing: Where's the Real Value?
10. Market Timing: Mastering Charts
11. Stock Terms: Language and Orders
12. Using Margin to Increase Profits
13. When to Take Profits--Or a Loss

Section III: Momentum Investing
14. Fundamentals of Options
15. How Options Trading Works
16. Covered Calls
18. Index Options
19. Advanced Plays I: Straddles and Strangles
20. Advanced Plays II: Option Spreads

Section IV: Making Money in a Bear Market
21. Your Bear Market Portfolio
22. Selling Short
23. Defensive Strategies

24. Ten Commandments of Investing

Glossary of Terms

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